Learn about the vibrant Greekazon community!
Vines Unknown: Exploring Nemea Webinar

We had an amazing webinar learning about the rich history and fascinating facts on the historical region of Nemea in Greece. Dr. Susanna Hoffman and Johnny Livanos guest hosted for this truly awe inspiring segment of this captivating region. Grab a glass and join us!

Learn about the vibrant Greekazon community!
Santorini Familia Assyrtiko Review

From one of Greece's cult followed wineries, this Assyrtiko from Hatzidakis Winery soars and flies high with quality and structure of the native variety. The winery produces between 200 to 300 cases a year. We were fortunate to have received some stock of this amazing wine!

Learn about the vibrant Greekazon community!
Joice’s Breadly Crispy Breadsticks Review

Ari & Foti from Greekazon review the truly savory Corn & Naxos Gruyere Breadsticks & Kalamon Olives & Oregano Breadsticks. We describe them in detail and note how very good they are in a sustainable and bio-dynamic fashion. Get some today!

Learn about the vibrant Greekazon community!
Creators of Annima Concept Jewelry

Our new jewelry collection comes from two amazing designers in Mykonos, George and Aristos of Annima Concept. We catch up with them to learn more about their journey from architectural and interior design to master jewelry designers. Join us as we get to know these fascinating gentlemen and their amazing jewelry collection, available now on Greekazon!

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Korres Beauty

Our products are a love letter to Greece - to the richness of its soil and its people.

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Annima Concept

As architects and interior designers, we were asked to build a Mykonos client's shop that traded furniture and decorative items...

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