Tina's Vodka

Tina's Vodka

$ 35.00

Tina's Vodka is made from 100% Organic corn, Non-GMO, American-made, sustainable, and female owned!

Tina’s vodka label is inspired by the beauty of this incredibly sophisticated and creative Planet Earth that knows how to sustain life in infinite ways.  

Bubo, the owl of the Greek Goddess Athena, sits atop Planet Earth representing the wisdom and majesty of this beautiful pale blue dot that we call home.  

The tree shaped as Planet Earth - Planet Earth shaped as a tree representing the seeds that innately know how to grow into a plant from the Earth: the thought and the thing, the idea and the manifestation, the root and the offspring, and the Alpha and Omega, and the journey in between Α Ω.

We only use organic corn that was grown in organic soil from the USA's midwestern farmers  without pesticides, glyphosate, or genetically modified seeds.

Enjoy our delicious vodka and as always, drink responsibly.  Or better said by my one of my Greek ancestors, the poet Hesiod:  "Observe due measure; moderation is best in all things."​

FYI: Most domestic vodkas are made with GMO-corn that was sprayed with pesticides like glyphosate.  If they don't state they're Non-GMO, you can bet they're GMO. 

It's not just vodka, it's your body, give it better than GMOs.​​

Tina is of Greek descent and Greek Goddess Athena’s owl Bubo sits atop a tree/Earth
representing the wisdom of our planet. We’ve had the honor of working with family-owned farms that have harvested the land for decades in the Midwestern USA in harmony with nature. We stand for using the highest quality seeds that are grown and cultivated by people that love our beautiful Planet Earth as much as we do.

Tina’s Vodka is an official partner of Kiss the Ground. This mindful organization helps farmers transition back to regenerative agriculture which improves the health of the soil, crops, water, livestock and naturally draws the excess CO2 back into the ground. The full documentary film, Kiss the Ground, is on Netflix and will leave you in an optimistic place about our beautiful Planet Earth.

I'm excited to finally share my vodka and music with you. It's never too late to realize your dreams, they can be bigger than you ever thought. The person you become along the way is the true creation.

“Everything existing in the universe is the fruit of chance and necessity.” – Democritus