Learn about the vibrant Greekazon community!
Golden Elixir: Unveiling the Health Benefits of Greek Olive Oil

Have you ever pondered what's the secret to the radiant health and longevity of the people of Greece and the Mediterranean? The answer might be simpler than you think - Greek olive oil. The golden elixir, often referred to as 'liquid gold,' holds a treasure trove of health benefits that are as delectable as they are nutritious. Watch to learn more about this mythical super food!

Learn about the vibrant Greekazon community!
'Herbs in Her Pockets' Founder Isabella Zampetaki

Herbs in Her Pockets natural soap founder Isabella Zampetaki talks about her amazing product and how it came into fruition.

Learn about the vibrant Greekazon community!
A Taste of Liquid Gold

Isabella Zampetaki reveals what makes olive oil a staple not only of the Mediterranean diet, but also of its lifestyle.

Learn about the vibrant Greekazon community!
Jenny & Eleonora of Grandpa J's Seasoning

Welcome Jenny and Eleonora of Grandpa J's Seasoning! Jenny Siormanolakis is long tenured in the food industry, with her family owned and operated one of the “longest running single family owned & operated establishments from 1973-2014. Her first job was standing on milk crates working in the dish pit. Working all through school and college, she always helped the family business. She is always to be relied on to come up with an extremely clever solution to difficult problems.

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