Greek Kids Gift Box

Greek Kids Gift Box

$ 40.00

Our first gift box dedicated to kids!

Our first gift box dedicated to kids! Enjoy a mix of educational books & cards, fun activities, and delicious treats!

Gift Box includes:

  • Yiayia's Kitchen: Honesty - "When Yiayia taught me to cook in the Greek tradition, I learned about my heritage, and I learned important life lessons."
  • Coloring Cards - Hybrids of Myth - Set of 12 postcard-sized coloring cards representing monsters of ancient myths
  • Card Deck - Greeks & Persians - Includes 10 supplementary cards with historical background in Greek, English and French
  • Baklava Sticks Hazelnut Chocolate - 5 sticks filled with rich hazelnut chocolate
  • Ion Chocolate Bar 200gr