Vegan Wine Package

Vegan Wine Package

$ 80.00

This package features three fantastic Greek wines that are vegan friendly.

We're sure you're thinking, what does vegan wine actually mean? Believe it or not, most wines are filtered with animal proteins such as egg whites or fish bladder to create clarity. These animal protein filters were developed to assist in cutting down time and labor to filter wine. There are a growing number of wineries going vegan, by not using animal proteins to filter their wines, but instead using traditional methods. This package features three fantastic wines that are vegan friendly.

Alpha Estate Malagouzia - Florina, Greece
A northern Greek white variety, with fresh vibrant aromas followed by crisp citrus flavors and a clean finish.

Mylonas Winery Rosè - Attiki, Greece
This delicious rosé is a blend mainly of the white variety, Malagousia (80%) and the red variety (20%). Mesmerizing aromas of fresh flowers and fresh cut strawberries. This mineral driven rosé offers crisp and refreshing flavors of a fruit salad, followed by a clean finish.

Kir Yianni Estates Paranga Red - Naoussa, Greece
This every day drinking red blend is outstanding. It is produced mainly with Merlot and includes Xinomavro and Syrah to create a juicy and rounder red wine, with a slightly spicy finish. Aromas of bright berries, invite you to a pleasant and easy drinking selection. You can pair this with pretty much almost any dish, with its versatility.