Markogianni Winery Vorias & Helios

Markogianni Winery Vorias & Helios

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Between the river Alfeio and the slopes of Mount Lapitha, near Ancient Olympia, comes Markogianni Winery.

Markogianni Winery Vorias & Helios
Variety: Assyrtiko
Category: White - Skin Contact
Location: Ancient Olympia, Peloponessos
Green Scale Score: 9

Between the river Alfeio and the slopes of Mount Lapitha, near Ancient Olympia, the brothers Giorgos, Konstantinos and Dionysios of the Markoyanni winery chose to take advantage of the special mid-climatic conditions of the area to establish the winery and vineyards in 1982. And coming to now , the second generation of the estate, Antonia and Giannis, with studies in oenology and viticulture, took over the estate with the primary purpose of love and respect for nature. Their goal is to highlight native varieties found in the authoritative vineyards.

The vineyards are located near the valley of the river Alfeios, in the semi-mountainous Olympia, which is characterized by a relief of particular natural beauty, which mainly consists of small hills, forest areas, olive groves and vineyards.
This position creates a special and rare microclimate as the high temperatures of the rivers with the lower temperatures of the mountainous mass create a permanent breeze that contributes to the proper ripening of the grapes, giving them a special aromatic character.
The excellent climatic conditions, the loamy and sandy loamy soils, as well as the low yields per hectare, contribute to the personality of its wines.

The main grape varieties cultivated for the production of white wines are Assyrtiko, Rhoditis Alepou and Asprudes, while for the production of red and rosé wines they are Kolliniatiko, Vertzami, Mandilaria, Mavrodafni and Refosco.
Having invested in the natural resources and the organic cultivation of its vineyards, the Markoyanni winery produces four low-intervention wines. Finally, in addition to the production of quality wines, it also produces double-distilled tsipouro from traditional ambyka, using selected grapes from its vineyards.

This white wine is made from 100% Assyrtiko from the family's single vineyard estate.  It starts off with spontaneous fermentation from indigenous yeasts and sees 9 days of skin contact and very low intervention during the wine making process.  The results produce an amber colored wine with savory aromatics and layers of over ripe flavors.  All we can say is - WOW!