Margo Wine Routes Agro Tours

We have carefully designed these tours to introduce the “Greek wine adventurists” to Greece and the wine producing areas.  For starters, we have the day tour to Attica wineries -that make a wonderful half day trip in the countryside and the day tour to Nemea -further away from Athens, the wine region for super reds and rosè wines.

Peloponnese, the island of Crete & the island of Santorini were selected as the multi day trips for the year 2020, because of their diversity of indigenous grape varieties and the elegant wine styles they produce.  They make a good introduction to Greece and Greek wines.

We will be featuring new destinations and wine producing areas of Greece in our offered group travel tours in the next years.  Our aim is to show the traveler an authentic take of Greek life: the people, the food, the wine, customs and traditions and make them feel welcomed to participate in our Greek everyday life.

I had an epiphany: my life’s path should be devoted in bringing together the wine adventurists, the travellers with a knack for authentic experiences, closer to the people who cultivate and “vini cultivate” the Greek earth.