Robola of Kefalonia

Robola of Kefalonia

$ 28.00

Sarris Winery

Variety: Robola
Category: White
Location: Kefalonia

Green Scale Rating: 7

Sustainable farming and production practices, hand harvested, hand destemmed, & low intervention.  

Vineyards are located in the “Omala” and “Fagias” area, planted between 1980 and 2000. “Fagias” is the heart of the zone of Robola and is a place of wild beauty with magnificent views laying on the steep slopes of Mount Enos at an altitude of about 700 meters, with limestone ground. The harsh landscape that is organized in terraces, the intense sunshine throughout the year, the rich soil, the forest of black pine that lays just above, the sea breeze that comes from the coast and the well drained ground are all factors which determine the distinguished style of this exceptional vineyard.

Pale lemon color and elegant aromas of pear, green apple, lime, citron, lemon peel, and lemongrass, while a wonderful mineral feeling of wet flint stone gives it a unique character. Medium to full body, intense, concentrated, with sharp, refreshing acidity.