Mr. Papou's Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Mr. Papou's Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

$ 15.00

500 ml -16.9 fl oz | Extra Virgin Olive Oil | First Cold Pressed | Family Owned | Harvested in Corinth, Greece

This Greek extra virgin olive oil is produced in the hills of Corinth, where the finest olives are cultivated and have been for thousands of years. Not only are there no preservatives or other substances in this pure olive oil, the oil itself is pressed from the most desirable olive variety: the Koroneiki olive.

With over 2,000 varieties of olives, it can be difficult to select the most nutritional, delicious, and pure. Mr. Papou's has studied these varieties and carefully selected the perfect olive. With its purity, the Koroneiki variety is the most desirable in the world. When consumed as a delicacy, the olive can taste bitter, and this bitterness has become a staple of fine dining olive oils. The relatively small size of these olives results in a high concentration of natural nutrients. You will find this olive oil to be very rich, with a pleasant herbaceous hint.

Our innovative "early season harvest" approach, coupled with a traditional Greek first-cold pressed methodology, enriches both the aromas and the sought-after appetizing hue. Simply drip, drizzle, or pour this olive oil onto any dish and you will amaze those you cook for. No matter your level of expertise or passion for cooking, this olive oil will take your cooking to the next level.