Douloufakis Vidiano Amphora

Douloufakis Vidiano Amphora

$ 38.00

Nothing goes into this wine other than the grapes and it's natural yeast.

Category: Orange
Location: Crete

This natural wine has a lot to offer with very little involvement. This wine truly defines the term raw wine. Made from 100% of the white variety, Vidiano. Nothing else goes into this production other than the grapes and it's natural yeast.

The skins are left in during fermentation, which develops the striking amber color along with interesting textures. This wine also ferments in clay amphora vats that the producer made from the soils of their vineyards. Once you pop the cork, you are immediately introduced to aromas of citrus and herbs followed by rich flavors of orange jam and bergamot that lead up to a long flavorful finish.

This wine is exclusive to Greek Wine Club & Greekazon!