Canava Chrysou Tselepos Santorini

Canava Chrysou Tselepos Santorini

$ 40.00

Mesmerizing aromas, inviting textures and festive citrus flavors.

The new winery Canava Chrissou – Tselepos is located in Santorini and is the child of the cooperation between Yannis Tselepos, owner of the homonymous estate in Arcadia and the Chrissou family from Santorini.

The driving force behind this venture was Yiannis Tselepos’ endless search for new challenges regarding his wine-making activity and the vision of the Chrissou family to revive the old Canava and utilize its privately owned vineyards, 12 hectares, in Pyrgos, Emporio and Megalochori.

After the vintage of 2013, efforts have been made to revive the perennial vineyard with traditional methods that continue up to today. These efforts focus on achieving a viable state of the vineyard by restoring the yields at 3 – 3.5 tons per hectare. The ultimate goal is to optimize the quality of the fruit produced, since the project aims at delivering high-quality and high-value wines, which Santorini’s particular conditions and potential favor.