2014 Monemvasios Red

2014 Monemvasios Red

$ 28.00

Organic farming, sustainable practices, hand harvested.

Location: Monemvasia, Laconia
Grape Variety: 90% Agiorgitiko & 10% Mavroudi
Category: Red

Green Scale Score: 8

Organic farming, sustainable practices, and hand harvested.

From the historical location once known as Malvasia, the wine hails from the Monemvasia Winery located within a fifteen minute drive of the famous Kastro.

Winemaker and good friend, Yiorgos Tsimbidis has released his 2014 vintage of this elegant red blend that captivates all of your senses from the moment the cork is released.

An inviting mouthfeel of textures and deep fruit flavors of ripe berries with a slightly earthy finish.  This selection is a true tribute to the classic and traditional wine of the area.