Korres Beauty

Our products are a love letter to Greece - to the richness of its soil and its people.

Our products are a love letter to Greece—to the richness of its soil and its people. We create science-backed, Full Circle™ skincare that celebrates our heritage, supports our community, and brings beauty to you every day.

Lovingly made by Greek hands

"We’ve built a Full Circle™ system that encompasses every part of the process—from sustainable farming to purifying the very water we use for our formulas.”

We make our products through a 6-step system that is powered by 6 labs. The KORRES Full Circle™ process begins with ethical, zero-waste sourcing and ends with giving back to the earth, to our communities, and you. We follow strict rules and exceptional standards because it’s the right thing to do.

"Greece is home to over 6,000 species of plants, 1,500 of which are endemic. Our own agricultural team has mapped this flora for 25 years, working in harmony with nature by teaching sustainable farming practices and conserving our precious natural resources."

After Giorgos, our Head Agriculturist (or Plant Hunter, as we like to call him) discovers our next hero ingredient, we choose where to cultivate it based on 2 criteria: where it grows best, and which communities need support the most. We support local farming families who, in turn, help us cultivate the land responsibly and conserve the beautiful Greek soil.

"The plants we work with are feats of nature—they adapt and fortify, regenerate and thrive. Our aim is to extract this bit of magic within them and produce clinically effective extracts of the highest quality."

Through a zero-waste process, we carefully extract active herbal ingredients and return any unused organic matter to the soil as fertilizer. We then preserve these powerful plant extracts in natural solvents at the height of their potency, which leads to better skincare results.