The Founders of Fetolia - The Art of Scarf

FETOLIA is a newly established brand specializing in silk fashion scarves made in Italy with top quality fabrics and handmade unique designs. Our aspiration has been to make the imaginary possible: a luxury accessory that will elevate women’s individuality and reveal their true selves. The artistic mood of our scarves perfectly combines with the exclusive silk textiles, and together they create the most treasured fashion accessory that will accompany any outfit and any occasion. Because FETOLIA’s pure fashion scarves are timeless just like the unique identity of the woman wearing them.

An elegant collection of astounding designs that incorporate patterns and symbols from forgotten cultures and nature, our luxury scarves feature finely rolled hand finished edges and top-quality silk. The production process abides to the rules of conscious manufacturing realizing a premium yet eco-friendly fashion accessory. Coming in various sizes and designs that can be worn all-year round, FETOLIA’s silk fashion scarves prove that dreams can be true with a pinch of imagination and lots of passion.