Organic Cretan Honey Pine Tree & Herbs

Organic Cretan Honey Pine Tree & Herbs

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Every day the bees collect nectar from the wild herbs and sweet drops from the Cretan pine trees.

Organic Cretan Honey Pine Tree & Herbs – Stalagma – 420gr

The word “Stalagma” is a greek word that stands for a drop of extract, and in this particular case, extract from the Cretan nature itself. In order for the bees to collect the “Stalagma Pine and herbs” Organic Honey, a bees garden has been created on the slopes of the White Mountains of Crete, opposite a steep slope, full of pine trees and a rich variety of wild herbs, such as thyme and erica among others.

Every day the bees collect and bring back into their hives, nectar from the wild herbs and sweet drops from the pine trees. The result is a rich honey, with a thick texture, almost like melted caramel, with a soft, non-aggressive taste. The metallic aftertaste of pine is beautifully covered and altered from the wild herb nectar variety. This also results in a smooth and less sweet taste than other varieties of honey.

Dimitris is a second generation beekeeper. During his childhood he roamed the mountains of Peloponnese with his father and their family’s bees, learning from his father throughout the years, how to work with the bee colonies in an organic way, though not certified back then. Many years later, work had Dimitris living permanently in Crete, in the beautiful region of Chania.

There he started his own bee colonies in the year 2013. For about two years he worked with a small number of bee colonies, trying to learn how to operate in this new and very different natural environment than the one he remembered from his childhood. During this process he was fortunate enough to become friends with some great beekeepers that helped him a lot in his first steps as a professional beekeeper, while at the same time, always cherishing and following his father’s advise.

Having learned how to work his bees in an organic way from his childhood, it was only a matter of time before Dimitris got certified as an Organic Beekeeper for the first time in November 2019. Now, having built up on many years of work and experience in beekeeping, he believes that working with the bees, apart from the potential profit it provides, it really is a remedy for the soul and mind. Dimitris loves his bee colonies, and he treats them one by one in a unindustrialized way, and this reflects on the honey that his colonies produce.

“Stalagma” Organic Honey, a drop of extract from the Cretan White Mountains, bottled inside a jar of organic honey, is of limited production, and it will participate in international tasting competitions for the first time, in the year 2020-2021. The great reviews from the customers that have tasted the “Stalagma Pine & Herbs organic honey”, give much hope for a great success!

Energy Value1438kj/339kcal
Of which Saturated0g
Of which Sugars0g
WEIGHT0.645 kg
DIMENSIONS7.5 × 7.5 × 11.5 cm

420gr – ml




Organic, Natural Product, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Non Preservatives, Palm Oil Free, Trans Fat Free, GMO Free